Nike Low Pro Dunk Limited Edition


*Skull Illustration, Bruised color texture,
and Skeletal frog designed by Pushead.
*Silver Skeletal frog pad printed on the outer heels.
*Shoe made from synthetic leather, canvas,
foam and rubber. (Has a plastic coating over the heel).
*Full color sockliner (insole).
*Pleated padded heel and tongue.
*Dark red sole.
*Special baseball type information card, tied to the laces.
*Full color box design and illustration. Bleeds over
the entire box.
*Special Skeletal frog inner tissue.
*Proceeds from this shoe are being donated to a cool charity.


*Bruised Launch and first release: Tokyo Big Sight
during the World Character Convention 21
Date:December 4 2005
*Special Drawing at WCC for a chance to purchase shoes.
*Medicom Info Link.
*Worldwide release December 17th, 2005
*Available at most SB account shops.


*Ankle socks, full color Bruised color texture, with
silver Skeletal frogs on the heels. Comes in a
mini replica of the actual Bruised dunk box.
*Black tee shirt with Bruised Skull illustration on the front.
*Skateboard with full color Bruised images on
the bottom and top. Signed by Pushead.